The Bus

Kahren submitted the following Back to the Past spacetime slip. Her mother, Doris, born in 1922, was the shocked experiencer in the mid-century 1900’s. (See original entry at

My mother’s ‘displacement’ experience happened as she was traveling on the top deck of a double-decker bus in London in around the 1950s.  (We are Swedish, but lived in London).

As she was sitting there, she became aware of suddenly being out in the open, and she looked around to see that she was on the top deck of an 1800s horse-drawn double-decker omnibus.  She said she froze in shock.

The streets and everything around her had changed to what looked like early pre-Victorian times, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 2.52.20 PMand everyone was dressed in long dresses and frock coats.  She panicked and tried to speak the the other women sitting up there with her, but she said they didn’t answer her and she wasn’t sure if they could see her.

It only lasted a few minutes, and then she was back where she belonged.  She had never heard of anything like that, and in fact none of us had, until I decided to do a search on it the other night.

Mum was wide awake and alert, and definitely not given to flights of fancy.  She only told a couple of people, naturally Dad was one, and then me.

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The Artillery Shell

The book, MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE, reports a brief but mind-boggling spacetime slip when an artifact from World War II appears 16 years after-the-fact.  Hunh.  So it’s a Forward to the Future TWIDDER for the shell.

On February 7, 1958 an artillery shell fell from a clear sky over Naples, Italy, and clanged loudwwii-german-france-ly as it struck the street. The shell casing bore the date 1942.

At this point we can but theorize what limbo of Time and Space held that shell immobile for so many years.

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Forward to Fresno

The January 1961 issue of FATE magazine shared the TWIDDER account of a teen and her aunt.  They were but two of over two dozen observers of a frightened, confused, little old lady who, I believe, was in the midst of a Forward to the Future spacetime slip.

One hot summer day in 1936 seventeen-year-old Carmen Chaney and her aunt Frankie ran out into the street in Fresno, California, to help an old woman who seemed to be ill, who was walking as if her legs were not functioning properly.

But the elderly woman reacted with panic, and she began to move away from the solicitous women as quickly as she could hobble.old-woman-vs-grafitti1

The white-haired, tiny old lady wore a large black hat, high-necked, long-sleeved dress and high-button shoes of a decade gone by.

Within a few moments several neighbors on the block were observing the strange drama. The old woman hobbled into an alley, then looked around in helpless frustration and confusion as she realized that more than 30 people, a veritable crowd, had gathered to observe her actions.

She stopped for a brief moment, then she vanished! Disappeared in the blink of an eyelash!”

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The Galaxy

Spacetime slips are usually brief trips to different times; sometimes they blink us to other places, and occasionally both in the same instant. In 2002 Mary Jane Collins of Nashville, Tennessee, caught a disturbing glimpse of another galaxy! As opposed to entering this other galactic reality, Ms. Collins was simply an observer of an Alternate Reality TWIDDER.  (As recorded in the nonfiction book, IT WAS A DARK AND CREEPY NIGHT.)

“After waking one night and being awake for a few moments—stretching, yawning, and preparing to go back to sleep—I noticed a slowly swirling mass of energy in the room with me. I rubbed my eyes and looked again, and it started to come together in the form of a vertically-oriented, swirling, galaxy shape, Arp273Main_HubblePestana_3079with what resembled a black hole at the center. I rubbed my eyes again and it was still there, very interesting to look at!

“It looked as if it had iridescent clear colors overlaid on the room’s background. You could see right through it like a heat mirage on a hot road in the summertime. Intrigued by it, I got up and walked over to it to get a closer look. I wanted to touch it, or stick my head inside and have a look.

“Then a quick fear came over me that if I did, I may not come back after what would seem like being sucked in with the force akin to an airline toilet flush. I stood and looked at it for a while and decided that was enough, and did nothing to break the apparent plane of energy.

“I laid back down and watched it for a little while longer; it slowly faded away. I haven’t seen it since. I still wonder what it was and what would have happened if I hadn’t become afraid of the unknown. What if I had touched it or stuck my head in the center to have a look see? It was fascinating and a little creepy, all at the same time.”

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The Man on the Staircase

Bill Freitag of Aurora, Illinois, underwent a joint spacetime slip with a fellow from the past. For the suave gentleman on the staircase, it was a brief Forward to the Future trip with Freitag along for the ride. Hunh! (See MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE for original report.)

On a dare from his fraternity brothers, Freitag stayed overnight in a haunted house. He had been about to write the whole thing off as the dullest night in his life when he heard noises in the front hallway. He stepped away from his “nest” in a front room to confront a man in a belted smoking jacket American-Horror-Story-Murder-House-1120-Westchester-For-Sale-10about to mount the staircase.

The man seemed as startled as Bill, but both the perceived and the percipient kept their common cool. The man continued on his way up the staircase, then stopped near the top, and slowly turned around to look down at Bill. Their eyes met for several seconds, then the man resumed his movement up the stairs and walked through a wall.

Bill later learned there had once been a doorway to a bedroom at the very spot where the fellow had walked through the wall.

While the shocked college student saw an erudite gentleman in evening attire, the fellow-from-the-past got any eyeful of a tall, thin youth with shoulder-length hair and a beard!

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Yet Another Pterodactyl (Sheesh)

I swear, these critters must just cruise through wormholes—or whatever it is that facilitates TWIDDERS—as easily as a hot knife through butter.  In the nonfiction book, IT WAS A DARK AND CREEPY NIGHT, Lawrence Jaglarski of Woodridge, Illinois, shared his Forward to the Future spacetime slip (for the flying creature, that is) which occurred in 1995.

I walked out onto the balcony of my apartment to smoke. It was approximately 12:30 AM, and I heard a loud, low whistling sound, as if a big wind was picking up. It was then that I saw what I can only describe as a pterodactyl! 9183984-Pterodactyl-or-Pteranodon-flying-over-the-ocean-Stock-Photo-dinosaur-pterodactyl

It was huge and it flew right past my balcony, not five or six feet from me. It was so close that I could see its big black eye focus on me. Its eye didn’t move; it just sort of focused on me. The “bird” was gray and had no feathers, just small scales.

Its head and neck were not stretched out looking down, like you see in science books and museums. Instead it held its head like a pelican, with its neck bent in such a way that the base of its skull rested on its back bone. It didn’t flap its big wings; it simply glided. Moments later, it was gone.

I was shocked. I stood there trying to figure out what I had just seen. I went inside and told my wife what I saw, but she didn’t care about my experience. I didn’t have a computer back then, but have since gone online and looked for some birds that might have appeared similarly to what I saw; only a pterodactyl fits the bill!

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The Antique Auto

The 1988 spring issue of STRANGE MAGAZINE included an account of a Forward to the Future spacetime slip as experienced by one very confused, frightened young mother, and a number of current-day drivers.  I wonder if she ever shared her quick-trip-to-the-future with friends or family?  Or, if she kept a journal, did she record for posterity the afternoon road trip wherein she saw strangely shaped, modernistic cars that disappeared as she drifted onto the road’s shoulder???

A man known as L.C. was with an associate in the town of Abbeville, Louisiana, driving along Highway 167 towards Lafayette on October 20, 1969.

For most of the drive, they passed no other cars. The road remained empty and calm. Until, that is, they came upon a rather old-fashioned looking car 1940_Ford_DeLuxe_Sedan_Flathead_V8_For_Sale_Rear_resizechugging along. As they drew closer, they realized that it was a vintage, turtle-back vehicle that seemed to be in pristine condition.

As they went to pass it, they noticed that the car’s license plate clearly had “1940” printed upon it.

This was strange to be sure, but things only got weirder. As they passed the vehicle, they noticed that the driver was a young woman wearing what appeared to be 1940’s clothing, along with a little child in the passenger seat.

Although the day was rather warm, both were dressed for cold weather, which struck L.C. and his companion as a bit odd.

As they watched, they could see that the woman seemed to be in a state of distress, looking back and forth as if something was just not right.  Her apparent desperation was so palpable that L.C. called out to the woman to ask if she needed any help. She responded in the affirmative with a nod.

He gestured for her to pull over, which she did, and L.C.’s car came to a stop in front of her. But when they looked back, the vehicle that had just been there, was gone—as if it had never been there at all!

Another car that had been behind the fellows also pulled over, and the driver expressed surprise that the old car that had been directly in front of them the whole time was no longer there. According to this driver, he had seen the whole thing, and watched as the old, vintage car had just seemingly dematerialized into thin air.

Now knowing that it was not all in their heads, L.C., his companion, and the other driver took a look around for the other vehicle, but there was no sign of where it could have gone; no tire tracks moving away, nothing.  The trio considered calling the police, but assumed that no one would ever believe them, and they ultimately kept it to themselves.

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A Late Night TWIDDER

Columnist Joyce Hagelthorn shared a reader’s Back to the Past TWIDDER (not that either she nor her reader knew what the heck the latter had experienced) in a 10 May 1973 newspaper column. By the way, I believe that this could also be classified as a Lost Location spacetime slip; while Ms. Daniels found herself by a thatched roof cottage (a distinctly British architectural housing feature), she was an American, and the newspaper her account was recorded in was the Dearborn (Michigan) Press. (See Brad Steiger’s MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE.)

Laura Jean Daniels was walking home from work late one night. She remembers looking up at the moon, reflecting briefly about how it must have affected the astronauts to look back at Earth from its satellite. When she lowered her eyes, the street before her was no longer familiar.

“Even the pavement on the sidewalk was gone, and I was walking on a brick path. There were no houses on either side of me, but several hundred feet before me was a thatched roof and cottage. And there was a heavy scent of roses and honeysuckle in the air.”

The bewildered woman continued to walk on, desperately fighting panic.

“As I walked up the the brick path and drew closer to the cottage, I could see that there were two people sitting in the garden . . . a man and a young woman . . . thatched-cottages-wiltshire-cottage-1in very old-fashioned clothes. They were obviously in love, for they were embracing, and as I drew closer I could see the expression on the girls face . . . and believe me, she was in love.”

Just as Laura Jean Daniels was wondering if she should cough or somehow signal her intrusion into such a private moment, a small dog came running out from under a bush and began barking.

“He was quivering all over. The man looked up and called to the dog to stop barking, and asked him what he was barking at. I somehow realized that he couldn’t see me . . . and yet, I could smell the flowers, and feel the gate beneath my hand.

“While I was try to make up my mind what to do, I turned to look back at the way I had just come . . . and there was my street! But I could still feel the gate in my hand . . . and yet, as I turned once again to the cottage . . . it was gone and I was standing right in the middle of my own block, just a few doors from home. The cottage . . . and the lovers . . . and the wee dog . . . were gone.”

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The Boy with the Cast

I’m very impressed with how calmly TWIDDER experiencer Cyndi Lepori handled her Instant Replay spacetime slip.  Personally, I would have had to change my underwear.  (See original report in FATE magazine, June 2017, issue #735.)

I recently went to Costa Rica with a friend who got sick and it involved three trips to the hospital. We were calmly sitting in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to see her after lab results.

A boy about 8-years-old walks out of the door leading from the treatment area and his mother is right beside him. boy-in-castHis right arm is in a cast and he says in Spanish to his mother as he was walking by, “Now I can have all my friends draw pictures on my cast.”

His mother gives him a hug and they walk out the door to the outside and we see them get into a car and drive away. Not an unusual happening in the ER, right?

My friend looked at her watch to check how long we had been waiting, as we continued to sit and wait for the doctor.

About ten minutes later the door to the treatment area opens up and the same little boy walks out and totally repeats the actions we just witnessed. It was unmistakably the same boy with the same clothes, the same broken arm in a cast and the same mother in the same clothes that repeated the same words in the same way.

My friend and I looked at each other in astonishment.

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The Office from the Past

This Kentucky attorney underwent a Back to the Past TWIDDER one early spring afternoon.  I like how understated he is; after realizing that something mind-bogglingly extraordinary had happened, he simply recorded that he was “dismayed.”  Should I ever experience a spacetime slip I hope I’m as cool as he was!  (See original posting at

On March 15, 2011 at 3:15 in the afternoon I got into my car at the back of my new law office to go pick up a grandchild at 3:25 for her piano practice. [After dropping her off, I decided to] go into my old law office where I and my late father, mother, brother, and others had our law practice (which building dates to the pre-civil war era) next door to check for damage, having read in the local paper about Mercer County, Kentucky residents being upset with a local factory doing some blasting in the late fall of 2010 that caused some damage [to structures].

I went in the back door and up the side stairs straight to my mother’s room, checking the waiting area on the way; NO damage.  Then my old room, no new damage (some wall damage from two years ago) then to my brother’s old room, no damage, finally the library and much new damage, termite-damage-wallpaper_801x547the ceiling having given way in one big place, wood exposed, but no sign of water. I then went downstairs, checked the kitchen, another secretary’s room, ok, then my father’s room (he practiced law 50 years), ok, back to the main secretary station, ok, and then re-entered the waiting room.

When I went back into the waiting room, there was NOW much wall damage to the wall next to my father’s room, plaster down on the floor and under the heating unit, wood exposed, very heavy wall damage, but no sign of water. I double-checked the room above, the library, room below, and, again, the waiting room.

I then picked up my granddaughter and took her home, then went home and called a neighbor who does house repairs. He came to my home and we went back to town. We went in the old law office, repeated a survey of the rooms, in the same order [as earlier in the afternoon], and when we got to that last room—the waiting room—there was now, once again, NO damage at all. I was dismayed!

I must have walked into the past, seeing wall damage as it existed circa 1969 when we had to clean it all up and redo all the walls; same old vetch-wallpapered walls that came down exposing the wood behind, cracked plaster down on the floor everywhere.

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