The Antique Auto

The 1988 spring issue of STRANGE MAGAZINE included an account of a Forward to the Future spacetime slip as experienced by one very confused, frightened young mother, and a number of current-day drivers.  I wonder if she ever shared her quick-trip-to-the-future with friends or family?  Or, if she kept a journal, did she record for posterity the afternoon road trip wherein she saw strangely shaped, modernistic cars that disappeared as she drifted onto the road’s shoulder???

A man known as L.C. was with an associate in the town of Abbeville, Louisiana, driving along Highway 167 towards Lafayette on October 20, 1969.

For most of the drive, they passed no other cars. The road remained empty and calm. Until, that is, they came upon a rather old-fashioned looking car 1940_Ford_DeLuxe_Sedan_Flathead_V8_For_Sale_Rear_resizechugging along. As they drew closer, they realized that it was a vintage, turtle-back vehicle that seemed to be in pristine condition.

As they went to pass it, they noticed that the car’s license plate clearly had “1940” printed upon it.

This was strange to be sure, but things only got weirder. As they passed the vehicle, they noticed that the driver was a young woman wearing what appeared to be 1940’s clothing, along with a little child in the passenger seat.

Although the day was rather warm, both were dressed for cold weather, which struck L.C. and his companion as a bit odd.

As they watched, they could see that the woman seemed to be in a state of distress, looking back and forth as if something was just not right.  Her apparent desperation was so palpable that L.C. called out to the woman to ask if she needed any help. She responded in the affirmative with a nod.

He gestured for her to pull over, which she did, and L.C.’s car came to a stop in front of her. But when they looked back, the vehicle that had just been there, was gone—as if it had never been there at all!

Another car that had been behind the fellows also pulled over, and the driver expressed surprise that the old car that had been directly in front of them the whole time was no longer there. According to this driver, he had seen the whole thing, and watched as the old, vintage car had just seemingly dematerialized into thin air.

Now knowing that it was not all in their heads, L.C., his companion, and the other driver took a look around for the other vehicle, but there was no sign of where it could have gone; no tire tracks moving away, nothing.  The trio considered calling the police, but assumed that no one would ever believe them, and they ultimately kept it to themselves.


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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One Response to The Antique Auto

  1. Terry Burgoyne says:

    This is yet another very interesting anecdote which we should not dismiss out of hand, What intrigues me is: did the 1940s people in that “time-slip”ever report their own experience of the incident? Would it be possible that, somewhere, in the back-numbers of thousands of “local newspapers” a report of an encounter with the “future” might have been made? Could modern technology trace back to such a report?

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