The Road that Wasn’t

“Paddjo95” relates how a few years ago he and his younger brother one day explored around the woods surrounding their isolated, rural home in southern Arkansas.  There’s no doubt these two fellows experienced a TWIDDER while exploring.  The question is, what kind?  Was it a Forward to the Future, or a Lost Location, or even . . .  an Alternate Reality spacetime slip???  I tell you, this one leaves me cross-eyed!

They headed down the road that led to their house trying to find some new path or trail that they could explore, but what they eventually found surprised them. As they walked along, they came across a brand new looking paved road, Purchase this image at decidedly out of place and something they would have surely noticed before after living in the area for 12 years. They explained it away by speculating that it must have been built rather recently, although nobody had seen any road work being done.
Curious, the two brothers set out along this strange road and things would only get more bizarre.  As soon as they set foot on the road, the air became noticeably colder, and additionally, the road was lined by unusual, thick red trees similar to redwood trees, which were of a type they had never seen before.

They walked several miles along the road and then decided to head back, noting that the air immediately became warmer again as soon as they stepped off it. As it was getting dark, they decided to come back and explore this odd road again the next day.

But when they returned the following afternoon, they could find no sign of the road or those weird trees they had seen. They scoured the area for hours but it was as if the road and its trees had never existed at all.

On top of this, their parents denied that any road work had been done in the area and insisted there were no paved roads anywhere near them. Had that road they found been one into another reality that had temporarily brushed up against our own?


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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One Response to The Road that Wasn’t

  1. WoW! That is a fascinating story, Anita. However, I have come to accept all of the similar accounts I heard and read about as plain truth. I have had my own mysterious experiences in life, too; so often that I no longer consider them as being “paranormal” or “supernatural”. I have come to call them “fringe experiences”. They are part of what we call “normality” but somehow on the fringe of normality. Today I have seen a confession made by a high-ranking army officer about the reality reality of UFOs and aliens who have been visiting us here on Earth since the distance past. You must see the short, but highly impactful video. I’ll send it to you now. Thanks for that article. Best wishes: Terry

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