A Puzzling Park

The following entry is unlike any other I’ve ever come across!  Watertown, New York, boasts a site within a local recreational area dubbed Thompson Park that the municipality claims is a spacetime vortex.  Think I’ll add a visit to this location to my bucket list!  The community has posted a YouTube video; type in THOMPSON PARK VORTEX in your browser and it’ll take you to the video. 

Thompson Park is a scenic retreat in Watertown, New York. A place for visitors to relax and get away from the stresses of daily life, this park occasionally offers up more than people had in mind.Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.35.21 AM
Like much of New York, Thompson Park has an interesting history. The park is over 100 years old, and has reportedly been the location of unexplained disappearances. Though brief, these slips into a space-time vortex have drawn interest from both paranormal enthusiasts and nonbelievers.
A sign in the park reads “Watertown’s Area 51,” alerting visitors to the strange history of this peaceful place. There is, of course, an image of an alien upon the sign, green faced and welcoming.
Reports of park-goers vanishing into thin air and then reemerging moments later, disoriented and shaken up, are not out of the ordinary. Local resident, Dea, who was interviewed by local media prior to the park sign dedication ceremony, spoke in depth about her experiences with the vortex.

She recounted a time when she had led a group of students into the park, explaining that “I had disappeared in front of them, twenty-five people.” Dea added that “I couldn’t argue with them about it, and then it happened again two months later.”


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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2 Responses to A Puzzling Park

  1. Judy Dickinson says:

    Oooo. I want to go!!! Take me with you.

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