The Metropolitan Line

In 1971, at the ripe young(!) age of 19, this Britisher and his girl friend, Jenny, experienced a classic Back to the Past TWIDDER while on the London Underground.  It lasted until more folks got on the train.  So often a spacetime slip seems to be undone by our losing focus on it; looking away, closing our eyes, even sneezing!  For this couple, moving to another carriage and the arrival of other travelers broke the spell of the time slip.  (See original posting on the Reality Shifters website.)

My girl friend, Jenny, and I were on the London Underground—the Metropolitan Line, travelling back home from Euston Square to Ladbroke Grove.  We were chatting away as we got on to the train and sat down.  At some point, perhaps the train stopping at Great Portland Street, we looked up and around ourselves.

The carriage was a bit different from usual; the brushed steel and white paint decor, with looped hanging straps, was absent.  0727_A94Instead, there were enamel-painted rails and grubby cream paintwork, hanging straps that ended in little balls.

There were still some old rolling stock on the Tube at that time; but what struck us as most odd on that Saturday evening was that the carriage was empty apart from ourselves and an older couple at the far end of the carriage, and they were staring hard at us.

We certainly looked different from them; as good self-respecting hippies, we had colourful flares and tops on, and my hair was on its way to my waist.  They, on the other hand, with his narrow clipped moustache, hat and brown suit and her overcoat, were dressed more in keeping with the decor of the carriage—late 1940’s or 50’s!

We joked about being in a timeslip, not taking it that seriously, but still we felt uncomfortable, like interlopers, and when the train pulled into Baker Street, we got up and moved into the next carriage.

For some reason we didn’t look at the adverts above the windows; perhaps we didn’t want to, or perhaps we just didn’t take it all seriously enough.  Anyway, the train filled up at Baker Street, and when we looked back into our previous car from the adjacent one, it was full of people, and we couldn’t see the “old0-timers” at the far end.

Indeed, the carriage NOW looked perfectly normal.  And we got on with our lives without thinking much more about it.


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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