The Missing Car

Holly and her daughter experienced a TWIDDER in a midwest parking garage in 2004.  I’m having a hard time categorizing it; Alternate Reality, Back to the Past, or Forward to the Future???  However you want to peg it, this spacetime slip involved a very solid car that was briefly missing from their reality.  Hunh!  (See for the original posting.)

In 2004 I can attest to a “glitch in the matrix.”  It was experienced by myself and my daughter.  We had parked on a numbered level in a parking garage.  We were in Pennsylvania, not too far from downtown Pittsburgh, near the Ohio River where a live concert was going to be held by a local radio station.

We went to eat lunch at the local Hard Rock Cafe before the concert, did a bit of shopping and decided to take the bags back to the car so we wouldn’t have to stand in line for the concert with them.

We took the elevator to the level that we knew the car was parked on, opened the door to the level (it was also color coded so there could have been no mistake) walked to where I had parked the car, and it was gone . . . poof . . . imagesvanished.

At first, I thought someone had stolen it because the two cars that were parked next to it were still there, but my car was gone (a maroon PT Cruiser) and the space was empty; we stood right in the middle of it.

[My daughter] looked at me, I looked at her, our mouths kind of dropped open, and at almost the same time we echoed one another .  . “It’s a glitch in the Matrix!!”

Aside from being somewhat spooked . . . we walked right back out the door that we just came in, to the stairs, up one more level to make sure we were on the right level . . .  (we were) . . . then we went down one level on the same stairs to make sure again . . . and returned to where we began . . . cracking jokes and saying, “Is this really happening????”

Went and opened the door on the original level we had just left in the first place, time lapse to check the level above and below not more than four minutes . . . and as you can guess . . . there was my car, in its original space that not four minutes before stood empty, and flanked by the same cars that were there when I parked it, and when it was gone.


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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