Where’d the Time Go?

Okay, with this TWIDDER, I’ve added another category for spacetime slips: Lost Time.  Unlike Fast Forward, where time goes inexplicably fast, or So Slow, when the experiencer is very aware that time is moving like molasses, Paige found herself hours later within a blink of an eye.  (See original post at theparanormalist.com)

I lost time in 1985 when driving with my girlfriend down highway 299 toward Redding [California].  I was taking her to the bus station in Redding and we were under time pressure to make the trip in a timely manner, and as such, were acutely aware of the time and how much we needed to get to the station.

Background information:  My daughter, then six, had just undergone brain surgery for a tumor, (craniopharyngioma), and was still very unstable physically.  I had to quit my job and stay in my parents’ country home near Burney while she convalesced.  My son, who was five, was with us too.  I was recently divorced so my life was a nightmare, needless to say.

My good friend and her children came up to keep us company for a few days (it was around the 4th of July), and she had taken the Express bus from San Jose, California to Redding.  The day she had to travel home was very Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 6.53.30 AMhot and I was concerned because I had an older car that overheated frequently.

We were also on a tight time schedule and she and I both were very aware of the time we left, how long it took to get to Redding, and when we’d be there in relationship to the bus’s departure.  We were happy to be making good time and she was going to be at the station early (if the good road conditions continued).

Suddenly, we had this awareness that it was MUCH LATER.  The day looked different; the shadows were longer, the daylight different.  I looked at the clock and my watch, and it confirmed time loss of around two hours.

We were very chagrined and kept wondering how this could have happened.  Worse, she missed the one Express bus and now we’d have to figure something else out.  We decided it made more sense to continue into Redding, go to the bus station so she could buy a ticket and get the next day’s schedule (the bus only ran once a day).

She would have to get a motel room for the night too.  When we got to the station and she was buying a ticket, the agent told her the bus had had some malfunction but they had just repaired it!  It was going to leave after all, albeit late.

To this day she and I scratch out heads in wonder as to what happened to us and our four children (her two and my two).


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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