The Candle Shop

Lisa F. had what I’d categorize as an Alternate Reality spacetime slip in a candle shop in the ’70’s.  TWIDDERS often involve only one individual, even though familiar folk may be a part of what they report.  While Lisa’s family has no recollection of the experience she recalls so vividly, that in no way invalidates her memory . . . instead, a brief trip to an other reality strand may explain her sharp reminiscence.  (See for original posting.)

I became aware of this in 1983. I was visiting a new friend for a week in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I looked for a shop I clearly remembered from the early 1970s there, and the building was still there, but it was a different kind of shop. I remembered that shop from the early 1970s when I was a young teen. I remember what I wore that day — those were real clothes I owned, and this was not a dream.

Or so I think. My parents were there with my brother and me for a day-trip to Provincetown with their friends from their high school days, another married couple. All four are deceased now, so I will use their real first names only.

The wife friend spent an inordinately long period of time in the shop, which specialized in candles. She bought a few and my mother was fussing because once again, Fran had lingered over souvenirs and pretty objects, delaying our group of six. In 1983, I mentioned to my new friend in Provincetown, who owned a shop on Commercial Street there, that there’d been a candle shop in the early ’70s I remembered. Candle_ShopHe was a bit confused, as I’d said my visit to see him for a week was to be in a new place for me — Provincetown.

I said, “Well, I might be wrong. I remember a day-trip here with my family and two friends in the early ’70s.” He didn’t recall what that shop had been, so I went in and asked. Sure enough, it had been a specialty candle shop in the early ’70s. I phoned my mother back in the Midwest and said I’d had a nice visit to Provincetown for a week and that it was nice to see it again.

She was surprised. When, she asked if had I been there before, I said, “We were there, with my brother, and Gus and Fran around 1973. You were annoyed Fran took such a long time in a candle shop. It’s still there, but no longer sells candles — it has different proprietors.”

She said, “We were never on Cape Cod at all.” In fact, my family could only afford Cape Ann. I realized she must be right, and also, Provincetown would be a heck of a drive from Cape Ann. My family was poor and we certainly couldn’t have put our old car on a ferry either — too costly.

My mother said, “Must be a past life.”

I was annoyed. I said, “But we were all there! That is not a past life! That is this life!”

I might have remembered a parallel timeline or a time slip, or… I am deluded. I was again in Provincetown in 1987, 1988, and 2000 and always checked at that shop. Yes, with some checking, it was confirmed: it had been a specialty candle shop in the early 1970s.

I think this might be the only such experience I’ve ever had. I am 57 now. If I am remembering a dream, it certainly was accurate, right down to the weather that day, what I was wearing, and the former business activity of an old building on Commercial Street.

Most of my paranormal experiences have been benign. I do wonder about them, however. I would likely have remembered the tedious drive from Cape Ann out to the tip of Cape Cod, and, in fact, my late mother had no interest in Cape Cod and we would have been unlikely to go there. Strange!


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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