A “Brief” Encounter at a Department Store

If the following account isn’t an Alternate Reality spacetime slip, then I’m not a grandma!  “Mercury” posted her experience September 2012 (see original posting at http://www.perception9.com/universe-ufos-aliens/theories-and-encounters.php?report=Spacetime-Slips&item=00000218) in response to my posting describing the first Alternate Reality TWIDDER my family had.

I was out shopping with my aunt in our nearest big town. While she was queuing to pay in one shop, I nipped into the department store opposite, a shop I have been in dozens of times over the years. Just at the end of the ground floor and to the left, I espied what I assumed to be a new area in the shop, as it hadn’t been there on my last visit.

It was basically, an underwear department, but of the like that I hadn’t seen before. Nothing tacky or anything like that, just different. (Sorry if any guys are reading this, but this will need some description!). There was nothing but bra-and-pants sets, but all in very bright colours, almost none of the your normal white/black/flesh-toned stuff. They were also incredibly ornate; loads of damask lace, brocades, with masses of detailed embroidery and embellishment. They were absolutely beautiful! 

Knowing that my aunt took a slightly unusual bra size and there were items here in her size, I just had to show her these. images

I kept looking round towards the shop door to keep an eye out for my aunt to emerge from the shop opposite, and when I thought that I’d been browsing bras for so long that I must have missed her, I went out to look for her. 

Surprisingly (and this was the first odd thing) she was still queueing to pay. When I questioned what was taking so long, it transpired that according to her, it was only a minute since I’d left her to look in the other shop. It felt closer to 15 minutes to me.

When we went to the other shop to look at the bras ……….. yes, they had gone and in their place was an array of rather dreary nightwear. Even though I knew exactly where they had been, we searched the shop from top to bottom – as if the entire department had managed to relocate 3 floors in a couple of minutes! Of course we didn’t find it. Their normal underwear department was where it always was and with the equally normal selection of white/black/flesh-toned goods.

We asked several assistants, each saying they had no such bra department.

I was bewildered to say the least. Similar events had happened to me before, but nothing on this scale! My aunt thought it hilarious. She couldn’t decide if I had sunstroke (it was a hot day!) or Alzhiemers!

If I had imagined the whole thing, I dread to think what was going on in my head at the time! But I knew I hadn’t. I’d picked up bras, looked at the labels for size, dropped one off of the hanger and put it back …….. I could describe how the department was set out and items displayed. 

So, what was that all about? It wasn’t The Past, I’ve no reason to think it was The Future. It was just The Now, but different ………! Every time I go into town, I go into that shop, looking for those bras, lol!

Thank you for putting this article up, it’s good to know this sort of thing happens to other people too.


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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