The Shoe Print That Couldn’t Be

Talk about a Back to the Past TWIDDER . . . researching OOPArts—out-of-place-artifacts—can be a frustrating study in the fine art of hoaxes.  However, now and then, a find is reported that just takes your breath away.  The following is such a find:

A shoe print fossil was discovered in a coal seam in Fisher Canyon, Pershing County, Nevada.  Age of the coal:  Fifteen million years!  The shape, obviously a modern-day shoe, reveals traces of double-line sewing stitches around the perimeter.  It’s about a size 13.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 7.28.29 AM


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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3 Responses to The Shoe Print That Couldn’t Be

  1. Pearl Nestor says:

    There is a passage in the Bible that says that there is nothing new under the sun. We may think we are the best or the most advanced civilization under the sun on Earth, or are we? Something to think about. How many times have man destroyed themselves back to the caves and have to start over? This is a real possibility. Something to think about.

    • aloholmes says:

      Pearl, isn’t it funny/sad how humans seem doomed to repeat past mistakes instead of learning from them? History is such a great teacher—if we’d just listen to it, and avoid the dumb things we’re capable of. Folks talk about “free” agency, but while having agency—the right/opportunity/ability to choose our actions—there’s nothing “free” about our actions; there are always consequences! As the mother of six children, I was always saying that to my teenagers: “You can always choose your actions, but never the consequences!” (Now they’re saying that to their own offspring!!!)

  2. Pearl Nestor says:

    There is an old Hindu saying that states “You are free to do anything you wish, you need only to accept the consequences.” Free will is endowed by our Creator, doesn’t mean you get a free pass to all the deeds you do! It truly is a universal law. Good to hear from you again my fellow Alaskan. Take care.

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