The Woman and the Elevator

Richard N. writes of an unforgettable trip his wife and son took to the orthodontist.  I’d categorize it as an Alternate Reality TWIDDER.
“His office is located on the second floor in a large two-story professional building.  There is a lobby in the building with two entries, each on opposite sides of the building, and a single elevator at the midpoint.
“As my wife and son entered and headed toward the elevator, they saw a woman enter from the opposite side also heading for the elevator.  The woman got to the elevator first, pressed the button to open the doors, and entered.  The doors closed just as my wife and son arrived and my son immediately pressed the button.images
“The doors opened and to their understandable astonishment, there appeared to be no one in the elevator!  They rode the elevator to the second floor while my son wondered how she could have possibly escaped through the roof hatch so quickly.  My son later described her to me as having straight, shoulder-length blond hair, wearing a long coat, and carrying a handbag.  My wife and son are both observant and honest and I don’t doubt their story.”


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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