The Road Less Traveled

Alex N. shares a touching story of a road less traveled; definitely an Alternate Reality TWIDDER:
“This happened to my dad when I was very young.  Back in 1976, my grandfather would warm his home with a wood burning stove; he would ask my dad and his brothers to help him collect firewood before the long winter would hit.
“They would have to make several trips into the mountains to collect enough for my grandfather to keep warm during the long winters, so they all knew the dirt roads quite well.
“One autumn morning, my dad and his brothers, along with my grandfather, rose very early to make the hour long trip where they normally cut wood.  As the big Chevy truck slowly moved along the dirt track, my grandfather noticed a road he had never seen before.  He told my dad to pull onto the road because he wanted to see if there was anything near the road they could cut.
“Sure enough, there was plenty they could cut right near the road so my grandfather told my dad that is where they would start that day.  As they got their saws out of the back of the truck, my grandfather marveled that he had never noticed this road before because it looked like no one had ever been down it before.
“Even though the day’s labor was just beginning, they quickly filled the truck up with wood sooner than they expected—so much so that my grandfather, as they left the area, made a mental note as well as tying a red handkerchief to the nearest tree by the road so he could remember the spot where they found so much wood.images-2
“The next weekend my grandfather wanted one more trip to collect wood and again gathered his sons to go help him get the last load.  As they rumbled along the road, my grandfather caught sight of his red handkerchief on the tree, but there was no road there!
“He jumped from the truck and started looking for the road, but only trees and bushes stood where the road had once been.  My dad thought someone had removed the kerchief and placed it on another tree, so they drove up and down the road for about an hour, but found no side road.
“Finally, my grandfather told them to turn onto a well-known road he knew and it took them the whole day to fill up the truck with wood.  As they unloaded the wood when they got home, my grandfather told my dad and his brothers that he thought the Great Spirit had helped them gather the last of his wood by creating a road and then taking it away.
“It was a gift that he would always remember.  My dad told me that to this day he went often to that spot and looked for the road, even walking several miles into the forest looking for some trace that they had even been there.  He said he never did.”


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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