The Goodwill Store Portal

Bluestarmom was about ten-years-old in 1966 when her family visited their grandma in Long Beach, California.  Years later, she and her sister would compare notes on what must have been a glimpse into an Alternate Reality TWIDDER.
“Mom took us four kids to a HUGE Goodwill store about seven blocks from the beach.  We kids were told the toys were upstairs, so that’s where I went.  Upstairs, there were huge windows, which of course don’t open.  You could look down on the street far below.  I went over to one of the large windows.
“However, when I got there, it was no longer a window; it was a door that I could walk through (if I dared) when I would have fallen to my death if it weren’t for this ‘paranormal opening.’  The street kind of looked like the street, yet it was level.  I could have walked straight out that window onto the sidewalk.  The people out there looked normal, yet seemed to be dressed in odd, possibly old fashioned clothes and the cars were different than what I was accustomed to seeing.images-3
“I very much wanted to walk out there, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk back in to where I was, so I didn’t.  I wonder now, if others have walked into these holes/openings and if so, are they stuck there, somewhere other than their own place or origin?  My guess would be yes, because if they didn’t come back soon, the hole would be gone.
“Fast forward twenty some odd years.  R— (my older sister) and her children came to visit.  They spent a few days at our beach house in Laguna Beach.
“We were up talking late into the night after all the others were fast asleep.  We started sharing our life stories and such.  After becoming comfortable I asked my sister, ‘Do you remember when we were staying with Grandma in downtown Long Beach?’  The rest of the conversation went like this:
“‘Yes,’ my sister replied; she remembered the visit.
“‘Do you remember that giant two story Goodwill store Mom used to take us to downtown?,’ I asked.
“Well . . . you probably won’t believer this, but when I went upstairs . . . “
“I know what you’re going to say!”
“You went to the window and saw nothing but a giant black hole outside of it!”
“I replied, ‘Oh, my g–!  No, I saw the street at my own level and I think it was a different time, like a parallel dimension of the exact same spot/place, except at the higher level than it should have been because I was upstairs.  I could have walked right out that window, and I contemplated it, but was afraid if I did I wouldn’t be able to walk back in!
“When my sister R— told me of her similar oddity about that day, I was dumbfounded!  I knew what I had experienced, but as a person grows up, you try and tell yourself it wasn’t true; maybe you were hallucinating, even though you KNOW what you experienced, just trying to make sense of it.  It’s put out of your mind, and life goes on.
“I thought possibly R—, being a year and nine months older than me, might have stopped her from seeing ‘more’ as I had, due to how our minds continue to conform to the realities that are the norm and our teachings from culture, parents, teachers and so on.
“I posted this experience of mine on a forum; someone said that they had read that these cracks/holes or whatever they are, open and close.  Therefore, I probably saw it when it was completely open, and R— probably saw it when it was in the process of opening or closing.
“It happened.  I believe I will always ponder and read up on this subject and the subject matter that may relate to it.”


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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