The Cat that Wasn’t

Rodolfo M. was invited for Thanksgiving lunch at the retirement home where he used to work.  (See original posting at  It would be memorable for more than the food: he would witness what might well have been an Alternate Reality TWIDDER . . .
It was a buffet and there was a variety of food to select from. I chose a roasted whole chicken leg together with other food. Having finished, I went into the kitchen to dispose of my trash. The place for this was a small closet in a corner with a little folding leaf table which was immaculate with deep reddish brown shiny finish.
I was walking toward this closet when I was met by a large cat with black and white fur. It got in my way, almost getting stepped on, rubbing and wrapping its black tail on my legs, looking up at the plate of trash and meowing as it walked with me just like a pet cat would do. It looked like it was very hungry. I understood what it wanted so I picked the chicken leg bone out of the plate and not having the proper cat dish on which to put it I laid it on the table. In a flash the cat jumped on the table and began attacking the chicken bone. To get a good grip on the bone, it had to lay its right ear on the surface of the table as it grabbed on the hip joint. It chewed on it for a little bit and then began shoving the whole piece into its mouth. It made a mess on the immaculate table and I was already thinking how to clean it up when the cat stood up, leg bone in its mouth. Then it jumped down from the table. Now this was when the unbelievable occurred.
On jumping down, the cat vanished just before landing on the floor! Just as the cat was vanishing, I saw the hazy figure of the chicken leg bone for may be a couple of seconds in the same space where the cat had vanished then it too vanished into thin air!  I was just so puzzled I even tried to look for the possible places where the cat could have run into. From where I was standing I could have seen the cat run away in any direction. But it didn’t run away. It just vanished in its space just before hitting the floor and the chicken leg bone with it!
All hair raised, I did not forget to clean up the mess left by the vanishing cat. I asked one of the helps who was busy filling up some glasses with juices if she had seen a cat. She said yes, black and white tom sitting right by the closet door early that morning. I just thought, my gosh, that was even before I had come to lunch! I asked if the cat was a pet here. She said she has never seen the cat before. I couldn’t say anything more.
I went back to the gathering and never said a word about what I had just witnessed. I did not want to cause a scare neither be looked at as one of those possessed with a dented brain.


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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