The Diner Named “Henry’s”

In another excerpt from Brad Steiger’s book  GHOSTS, RESTLESS SPIRITS, AND HAUNTED PLACES (see pp. 322-323), contributor Alan has a Back to the Past time slip.

Alan took the same route home that he had traveled for years.  Without deviating from his habitual route, Alan suddenly found himself driving down a street completely unrecognizable to him.  Everything seemed quiet–too quiet for his liking–and when he tried to pick up a station on his car radio all he got was static.  The only other car in sight was extremely old and parked in front of a little diner named “Henry’s.”  When Alan reached the intersection, he remembers experiencing a “funny feeling like going through cool water.”  After that, everything was all right.  Alan knew where he was, and he came out just where he should have been all along.
Alan claims to have driven that route a couple of thousand times without ever having seen a diner named Henry’s.  Even if he had taken a wrong turn, his knowledge of the town would have enabled him to recognize the street.  He asked friends if anyone knew of such a diner, but no one had ever heard of a Henry’s.  Finally, in city records he found that a diner with that name had once existed in 1914, on a street that had been destroyed by fire in 1923 and rebuilt in 1926.


About aloholmes

We live in a wondrous universe, and I love learning about it. Spacetime slips are one facet of existence that fascinate me. As a retired teacher I enjoy researching this topic and sharing the information I garner.
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