Spacetime Slips: TWIDDERS

Known by many names, including but not limited to time-jumps, -ruptures, -ribbons, -storms, -slips, -tears; I’ve assigned these extraordinary experiences the acronym TWIDDERS (a jumble of “time/warp/displacement” with a pinch of “slip” thrown in).

So what the heck are spacetime slips (TWIDDERS)?

Spacetime: the fabric of our existence.

Spacetime slips are phenomena wherein a person most often experiences a time displacement.  Sometimes they encounter a shift in location.  On atypical occasions, both simultaneously!

For example; you’re in a 1990’s Anchorage hotel lobby, and when you enter the restroom, it’s 1920’s retro.  Only when you return to show your friend, it’s 1990’s sleek.  Huh?

Bold Street, in London, is renowned for taking unsuspecting shoppers on TWIDDERS to the past.

That’s but one real-life example of a brief trip-to-the-past that happened to a Washington state couple on vacation in the last frontier.

Over the years I’ve come across myriad accounts by very sane folk of their TWIDDER experiences.  The nature of these spacetime slips can vary; most accounts chronicle trips to the past.  However, one may travel to the future, experience time inexplicably speeding up or slowing down, lost locations, leap frogging time, lost time, found time, different locales, instant replay, and rarest of all, alternate realities.

On this site, I’ll regularly share spacetime slips, as recorded by those fortunate enough to experience one.

Please feel free to post any comments, questions, or TWIDDER experiences you have.  Spacetime slips provide us fascinating glimpses into the truly remarkable universe we live in.  I hope you enjoy reading the experiences I’ll post on this site as much as I would love to hear from you.

—Anita Holmes


15 Responses to Spacetime Slips: TWIDDERS

  1. Carl Grove says:

    Although I have been actively researching timeslips for the last couple of years I have somehow missed your fascinating website, perhaps because I had never searched either for “spacetime slips” or “TWIDDERS.” Although I am familiar with quite a few of the cases you discuss you have managed to locate several of them are new to me, and seem very important. My starting point was a local “vanishing house” mystery, and I have written a preliminary report about it which I will provide a link to here:

    At the moment I am trying to develop a catalogue of time slip cases. I know that a lot of your TWIDDERS don’t fall into the simple time slip category and I have made the arbitrary decision to leave these types
    alone for the moment. My current categorisation system has its weaknesses and I hope to be revising it in the light of the proposed catalogue.
    At the moment there seem to be a fair number of individual researchers working in this field and it would be nice if we could work out some way of pooling our resources. My colleagues at the moment are Naomi West who (as you knwo) has her own website, Marcelle McMillen, Chris Jensen Romer, Alan Murdie, and one or two others.

    It’s a big and I think important area of research.
    Carl Grove

    • aloholmes says:

      Hello, Carl, I obviously share your interest in spacetime slips. Categorizing these experiences can be tricky; I can often justify placing an account in more than one category. Also, while most accounts I come across are time slips, I myself have experienced two “space” slips. Sheesh! As to pooling resources, I always put the source of any spacetime slip I come across and post on my blog, in the introductory paragraph. I look forward to reading your vanishing house mystery! I try to post once a week, although life and grandchildren often have other ideas. I’m so happy to know that there are other folks actively researching spacetime slips. It remains a fascinating topic. Thx for contacting; please do so any time! –Anita

  2. Carl Grove says:

    I suppose it would be too easy if we could neatly categorise every event. But obviously we need at least some provisional system in order to make a start in organising all the material. It is good practice to quote your sources, but of course there is a lot of unreferenced stuff around and although I have tried to contact some of the people who tell really interesting stories, so far I haven’t had much success. Some cases defy any classification.

  3. Carl Grove says:

    Just completed 3rd update to my report. I plan one last revision later on, Here is a link:

  4. Dear Anita,

    Although ‘new’ to Twidders, I am somewhat interested in timespace slips, as I believe that they are involved with many missing persons cases (“Missing 411” series by David Paulides). However, those particular cases seem to involve intelligent use of weak areas of the fabric by aware alt. reality beings. I look forward to exploring your blog to firm up some of the soft edges of my knowledge- but, I can tell that you enjoy your work, which ensures my enjoyment as well!

    Thanks for creating it, giving a focus, and making a resource for the res of us!

    Warm Regards,


    • aloholmes says:

      Thanks, David for your thoughts! I’ll have to look into the Missing 411 series. Do we not live in one heck of a wondrous universe???

      Take care,

    • aloholmes says:

      David, thank you for your kind thoughts. I like the idea of “weak areas of the fabric.” The last thing I am is a physicist, and able to explain spacetime slips, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that they occur. Stay in touch! –Anita

    • aloholmes says:

      Thanks Gordon, for your input. Am so glad you enjoyed my book! Hope you find great accounts of additional spacetime slips on my blog. I took a read of the website you mentioned. Sounds like this sci-fi writer is vitally interested in the concept of time slips, and has used them in his books.

      Like him, I wrestle with how TWIDDERS occur, but waste little sleep in the how, as the greatest scientific minds in the world attempt to make sense of them–and I leave that in their capable hands!

      While the author you referenced has used spacetime slips in his works of fiction, he is clear that they are just works of fiction. But don’t the ideas he presents–like Germany winning WW II send chills up your spine???!!!

      He also references how God may play a vital part in spacetime slips. Sometimes I envision the many realities that may exist side-by-side as strands of thread being woven into one single piece of work known as MY LIFE. One of the basic principles of Christianity is that of repentance. The Lord has promised us that when we make right what has been wrong in our life, that “. . . the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more”.

      I’ve always viewed that promise as anything but Heavenly Father blowing smoke! I take him at his word, and believe that whenever I make a choice-for-the-better, one reality thread is joined to another reality thread that edits my life story. I don’t doubt that it works the other way as well . . . unfortunately.

      Well, this has been pretty deep dish; thank you for getting me thinking!


  5. Daniel Bright says:

    I live in constant fear I’ve gone through a space time slip and am in an alternate reality, 8 have vague memories of watching a medium on YouTube discussing life changing with the video having a disclaimer about it being “life changing.” I also have memories of a picture of two squares, (seen on the album Cardinal by Pinegrove) with crossing intersections which I feel may have represented both realities as in Reality, and the alternate reality we (I?) inhabit. Also, when smoking marijuana I can hear people on the “other side” telling me to wake up. It’s pretty terrifying ngl. Any ideas as to what’s going on? Any help greatly appreciated. Am I just being paranoid, (I’m currently not smoking anymore for obvious reasons although if I do need to “wake up” then should I keep smoking?

    • aloholmes says:

      HI Daniel, thanks so much for reaching out with your concerns. First and foremost, be assured that you are YOU!!!!! I’m convinced from the hundreds and hundreds of spacetime slips folks have undergone that the universe ALWAYS bumps us back to the reality we’ve always been in. That said, I’m also convinced that we can have the power to change our reality by the choices we make every day. For instance, every time we choose to do something kind—no matter how small the effort—there is a shift for the better in our reality. Likewise, every time we consciously do something mean there’s a negative shift in this existence. As to the marijuana, I know there are amazing medicinal benefits from it for people suffering from seizures. However, I believe that used for simply an escape from reality, just like drinking alcohol, it is BAD BAD BAD! It sounds like you smoke marijuana as a recreational drug. It also sounds like you have bad side effects from it. I think you’re very wise to not smoke it any more! BTW, as you set aside fears and focus on the power you have within you to control your destiny, you may like reading the entries in my new blog at Read the November post, that touches on NDE’s; I think you’ll find this entry very comforting. Stay in touch and let me know how you’re doing! -Anita

    • Carl Grove says:

      I agree that there seems to be some kind of fail-safe mechanism in place that returns people to their normal space-time location, and there are a couple of cases where people appear and show the witness how to get back. Regarding the use of drugs to access other dimensions: my feeling is that when this happens it is a result of the drug knocking out the internal censor that normally shields us from other-dimensional stimuli. The danger is obviously that wthout special training suddenly making contact with the other reality can be dangerous and threatening. Also the drug may knock out other mental operations that would be necessary to help one cope with such experiences. I also agree 100% that any kind of drug use, however pleasant it may seem at the time, puts you on on a downward spiral, and also causes pain to those who care about you.

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